Tomato Bisque Bliss

10 Feb
Tomato Basil Bisque and Grilled Mozarrella

Tomato Basil Bisque and Grilled Mozarrella

I am still in a soup coma after Tuesday night’s creativity session in the kitchen.  Inspired by a near and dear friend, Katie McKinley, along with Dallas Snowpocalypse Part II, I decided I wanted to make a warm and comforting soup with plenty of leftovers to last throughout the bitter cold remainder of the week.  You say potato, I say tomato.

Legs like spaghetti after Monday night’s spin class with Cindy, there was NO way I was headed back to the gym Tuesday night.  So, I hurried off to the Walmart grocery in Uptown to grab a few delectables for a soup concoction.  Go ahead and check off all materials except the basil for my tomato basil bisque.  Hmm… that won’t do.  Albertson’s? Same story!  Was everyone having the same epiphany on Tuesday night?  Evidently basil sales spiked at 4pm on 2/8/2011.

New flats rubbing my toes wrong told me it was time to head home.  I knew it was time to call in reinforcements.  Coaxing Andy with a free meal, I asked him to help out and swing by Newflower on the way over.  An hour later, poor Andy showed up with cold hands, basil, a ball of the best Mozarrella Company mozarrella (duh?) and a loaf of fresh French bread.  Oh, the plot thickens with extra ingredients, but what’s with the delay?  He had to stop by not only Newflower, but also Whole Foods AND Tom Thumb to actually locate any basil.  Wow – stock up, Dallas.

Tomato Basil and Grilled Mozarrella

Gooey, Melty Mozarrella Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

So, stealing tips from Miss McKinley’s recipe while adding my own love, I created what was possibly the most flavorful and comforting tomato basil bisque.  Andy made tasty mozarrella grilled cheese sandwiches to accompany.  Another revolutionary food movement!  The leftovers might be just as good, too.  MMmMmmmMMMm…

Quick side note: FINALLY heading out to Alma tonight!  Due to the two rounds of aforementioned Snowpocalypse, the opening of Alma had been pushed back.  However, it looks like we will still be enjoying a first taste as they are just now quietly opening to the public.  Sit tight for a review to come!


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