My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Encouraged by my peers to maintain a blog, I find myself resorting to a topic I always digress to.  I can’t help it.  I use my Twitter feed for music lyrics, news articles and meaningful quotes; I need a space to discuss dinner.  My apologies in advance, as I’m a HUGE fan of alliteration.

As an extension to Quest for the Best, Avenue Bistro acts as my personal page to explore new food trends, discuss restaurant experience, share recipes and much more.  AvenueB should have really been the precursor to Quest for the Best, but in reality they go very well together and will more than likely play off of each other.  Quest for the Best will be more of an exploratory tool to find the best types of food at local Dallas restaurants, while AvenueB will discuss my foodie instincts at a higher level.

I hope you find yourself amused, enlightened or at the very least informed through this blog.  I encourage and greatly appreciate feedback in the form of comments.  Feel free to email me as well (address at the bottom of the page).  Now, please fill out the poll below to provide content guidance.  Peace, Love & Crème Brûlée!


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